Technology Stack

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Technology Stack

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Blockchain Private and Permissioned Fabrics like IBM Hyperledger, Intel Sawtooth have been evaluated and tested. Each Participant will be provided a node to login and connected to the blockchain network.The Inventory of Assets will be listed on the Blockchain Network with the ability to mask data not required to be made public until a request for a formal transaction is made wherein the asset details will be made public to the interested participant after an Expression of Interest.The Asset listing and Asset Structure details will be made available through smart contracts to reduce the time it takes to list these details.For AI an IP called AIOTF (Ai on the Fly) will be used for Asset Fair Price Discovery,Automated Audit for Strategy, Risk and Compliance requirements.For the Product and Application development, Low Code / No Code tools will be leveraged to expedite the time it takes to develop, test and deploy.

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