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  • Asset Tech Management start up using deep tech like blockchain, smart contracts, AI and automation
  • Delivering solutions for Asset Monetisation Trust as a Service, Asset Life Cycle Management, Automated Smart Contracts
  • Solution for converting your Assets into real Time Automated Smart Contracts
  • Revenue generating company from August 2019 with paying customers - BFSI, Big4, Hedge Funds, Fortune 2000 Orgs, SMBs, Educational Orgs,

2020 $10K+
2021 $0.5M
2022 $3M
2023 $7M
2024 $15M
2025 $35M
2026 $70M

Revenue Stream

  • Asset Tech Solutions
  • AssetTech Trust as a Service Platform
  • Platform Member Subscription Charges
  • Buy and Sale Transaction fees
  • Sale of Global Asset Research Report