Problem Statement

  • Opportunity is $200+ Trillion Assets under Management
  • Takes long time to Monetise Stressed Assets and Business Assets
  • Participants in Silos, 10x separate processes
  • Complex, Chaotic, Hidden, Non Collaborative, Expensive process
  • Need to Collaborate and integrate processes - develop an Online Exchange for Trading of DistressedAssets, BusinessAssets and Loans

Bank Chain Asset Platform

  • Digitise your Assets using Smart Contract Engine using Blockchain, AI and Automation
  • Use a Asset based Engine for System of Record and System of Engagement
  • Helps you Sell, Buy, Swap, Invest and Monetise your Assets
  • Bring your Assets into Global Networks with Ecosystem Participation


  • Trust as a Service Bankchain Asset Platform for Banks, ARCs, Corporates, Investors, Hedge Funds, Sovereign Funds, Legal, Consulting, Valuation, Resolution Professionals
  • Automated Smart Contract based Assets Inventory Data Science driven Algorithms
  • Pre-Mediated Smart Contracts for Transfer/Takeover Asset Pricing, Risk Pricing, Bid Options
  • Participatory Funding for Liquidity, Operations and Settlement
  • Automated Development of Structured Products
  • AI BasedAsset Risk Modelling, Regulatory Reporting