Solution for converting your Assets into real Time Automated Smart Contracts


Asset Tech Management start up using deep tech like blockchain, smart contracts, AI and automation Delivering solutions for Asset Monetisation Trust as a Service, Asset Life Cycle Management, Automated Smart Contracts Solution for converting your Assets into real Time Automated Smart Contracts

Problem Statement

Opportunity is $200+ Trillion Assets under Management, Takes long time to Monetise Stressed Assets and Business Assets, Participants in Silos, 10x separate processes

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Bank Chain Asset Platform

Digitise your Assets using Smart Contract Engine using Blockchain, AI and Automation, Use a Asset based Engine for System of Record and System of Engagement, Helps you Sell, Buy, Swap, Invest and Monetise your Assets

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Trust as a Service Bankchain Asset Platform for Banks, ARCs, Corporates, Investors, Hedge Funds, Sovereign Funds, Legal, Consulting, Valuation, Resolution Professionals

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Social Impact - Re appropriation of lost or unused assets to people in need

Real Time Trading of Loans, Structured Products

Instant Settlement, Completely Digitized - Based on Smart Contracts

Asset Price Transparency, Ecosystem Participation

Meets Regulatory Requirements

Reduce Asset Buy and Sale Time by over 80%

Reduce Asset Exchange Process Time by over 70%

Increase Asset Exchange Audit, Traceability by over 60%

Increase Asset Exchange Liquidity by over 50%

Technology Stack Used

Blockchain Smart Contract - Remix IDE Ethereum



Low code no code

Open stack/ Full stack



API based servicess

Alignment to PCI DSS standards



  • BCA Automated Asset Ranking Service
  • BCA Smart Contract Tech
  • BCA Asset tech
  • BCA Regulatory Tech
  • BCA Risk Tech
  • BCA Bank Tech
  • BCA FinTech
  • BCA Core Banking Tech
  • BCA CEP Complex Event Processing
  • BCA BRMS Business Rules Management Systems

Q4 2020

  • BCA Platform
  • Autonomic Asset Structured Products
  • Trust as a Service